I started as as a collegiate football player at Albany State University. weighted 327lbs and had no idea whatsoever that I'd fall in love with Boxing! Once I started fighting, football was a thing of the past. 

Boxing not only began to change my body, but it changed me as a person, I became stronger, meaner, more aggressive; however, I became more relaxed, my quick thinking improved tremendously! My confidence in my body and my abilities also made a drastic change. 

In the year 2014 I qualified (2nd place) for the WSB (World  Series of Boxing) by competing in the WSB tournament hosted by USA Boxing. Unfortunately for me I lost my first bout; however, it was not a loss at all because I had ben taught a very valuable lesson, not about how to fight specifically, but how real this sport was and how difficult this lifestyle could be.

After returning to the US from that bout my coach at the time (Tito Lopez) decided to part ways, nit because of spite or any negative reasons but because I felt there was a better fit for me elsewhere. 

At the beginning of 2015 I began training with Sugar Bert at Paul Murphy boxing Academy and had some of the best growth as a fighter if my life. Training hard with my friend and brother Micheal "CANNON HANDZ" Seals, whom is also a professional fighter, I experienced what it was to train, eat, sleep, and live boxing. 

During my campaign at PMBA I won a host of amateur tournaments, and even qualified for the Olympic Trials at Super-Heavyweight and Heavyweight, in the end I decided to compete at -201, and secured 4th placed in the 2016 Olympic Trials.

After the trials I moved to Las Vegas Navada to train with Chris Ben-Tchavtchavadze and Eddie Mustafa. Working with Chris I was able to grow even more as a fighter and take my skills to a whole new level, it was with him that I was able to develop my accuracy and power. Vegas offered some of the best sparring and gave me time to work along side world champions including: Joseph Parker, Bermane Stiverne, Chad Dawson, Badou Jack, Floyd Mayweather etc,.  Although I loved Vegas I felt that after one year of living there and still not obtaining proper management and promotion that my time was up and needed to make a change, so I made the choice to return home to Atlanta Georgia.

Upon returning home I reconnected with my amateur coaches Sugar Bert and Robert Allen. I ended up making my pro debut with them and two more fights after; however, Sugar and I believed in different philosophies about boxing and we parted ways for good, however Robert Allen and I still work together when we and and remain in constant contact. 

After leaving PMBA, I then moved to PAL with Jaidon Codrington former Contender champion. J has been nothing short of a blessing to not only my boxing career but a friend for life. our friendship is separate when we are training but this is a must because training is no joke, therefore we have to  maintain an appropriate respect level.  I can appreciate having Jaidon on my team he has already traveled the road i'm on, he constantly gives me wisdom about life and boxing and for those reasons he will always be a key member on my team. 

I currently reside in Riverside California, and Robert Garcia is my head trainer.  I was granted the  opportunity to become a member of RGBA by 4 division World Champion Mikey Garcia. Although I was skeptical about moving to another state, Jaidon assured me that this was a great career move. I'll always have a home at PAL and with J, whenever I am in town I still train with J at PAL.

As of now I am 7-0 6KO'S  and looking forward to a step up fight soon.